How can I choose a good nursing home?

If you have elderly parents living in Southern Florida, you probably have long-term care on your mind. Finding the right nursing home for aging parents is a decision many adult children face, and securing a respectable facility is crucial to ensure your loved ones are in good hands. explains what to look for when in search of a quality nursing home.

The first step is to ask friends and family in the area for their recommendations. You are likely to get an unbiased perspective in this case, which can help you determine what a prospective home does well and where it is lacking. You can also ask for recommendations from your parents’ physician or health care provider. Community resources, such as local senior centers, are another good source of information. Once you have a few possible choices, compare what each has to offer your loved one.

Visiting a nursing home is the best way to get a feel for its quality. Speaking with staff, seeing the common areas, and meeting with directors should provide you with a clear picture. You also want to talk with medical and nursing staff on your visit, especially if your family member has a medical condition. Medical care is of the utmost importance in nursing facilities, whether that involves providing memory care to patients with dementia or administering medication.

Lastly, do not be afraid to ask a ton of questions. Will your loved one be supervised around the clock? Is transportation available for doctor’s visits or other activities? Are rooms private? What is the menu like? Can it accommodate residents with special dietary needs? What type of therapies are available? Asking these and other questions will allow you to make the best decision on behalf of your aging parents.