Planning Your Long-Term Health Care Treatment

With the cost of medical treatments rising precipitously over the last few years, it is more important than ever to have a plan for your health care. For many people, Medicaid is a crucial part of planning for their future medical coverage. Unfortunately, the process of obtaining Medicaid benefits can be a challenge. A trusted attorney can help you plan your Medicaid benefits so that you can avoid disaster.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Janeiro, P.L., we help Floridians and people across the country maximize their Medicaid benefits. Our talented lawyers will create a plan that allows you to feel secure with the future of your health care. To schedule your consultation at our Naples office, call us at 239-513-2324.

Why Plan Medicaid Benefits?

Applying for and obtaining Medicaid is not a straightforward process and many people have their first applications denied by the government. The prohibitive cost of retirement homes and health care also can severely impact the finances of an older person and their family. By having a plan, you can ensure that you qualify for Medicaid by favorably structuring your finances. We can also help you project the long-term costs of care and determine the best course of action for maintaining your finances.

We also help clients decide if long-term care insurance is in their best interests. This insurance can help you afford the cost of treatment and a stay in a medical facility. Our lawyers will review the specifics of your potential insurance policy and help you make the right decision.

Start The Process Of Protecting Your Health Now

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