Trusted Guidance For Probate & Estate Administration

After the death of a loved one, their will may name you as the executor of the estate. Being an executor is a serious responsibility that carries profound consequences for mistakes. Contacting skilled legal help when administering the estate and going through probate can save you time and prevent stress.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Janeiro, P.L., we help administrators in Florida successfully manage estates and navigate probate. Our knowledgeable estate planning lawyers can help you carry out your duties and represent your interests if you are facing a lawsuit. Call us at 239-513-2324 to schedule your consultation.

How We Help Administrators With Their Duties

Estate administrators must pay the debts and disperse the assets of a deceased person in the proper order. While handling this distribution may appear to be straightforward, the process can quickly become complicated as creditors, family members and other parties come to claim their supposedly fair share of an estate. Improperly handling this distribution can get administrators into legal problems, and litigation can deplete the funds of an estate.

Our proven attorneys will help you distribute estate assets and pay off debts. We strive to make the process as transparent and straightforward as possible so that you are protected in case of litigation. We will also explore alternatives to the probate process and determine if summary or formal administration is possible.

Do Not Try To Handle Probate Administration Alone

Mistakes made when administering an estate or going through probate can have severe financial implications. Our experienced lawyers will work to prevent legal issues and save the estate money throughout the process. Call us now at 239-513-2324 to schedule your consultation. You can also send us your case details by email.