Full-Service Real Estate Lawyers

The Law Office of Jeffrey M. Janeiro, P.L., offers full-service real-estate closing and escrow services to people across Florida. Attorney Jeffrey Janeiro has the experience and resources to handle both commercial and residential real estate matters. Our law firm will handle every problem related to your case so that you can quickly resolve your legal issue.

We offer consultations at our Naples office for real estate clients so that they can discuss their case with an attorney. Call us now at 239-513-2324 to schedule your first meeting with a lawyer.

How We Help Real Estate Clients

At our law firm, we assist clients with any issue that may arise during the contract-to-close process. We work to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. Our staff will be by your side, managing the transaction and ensuring that everything moves forward smoothly.

We assist businesses and individuals with all types of real estate matters, including:

  • The sale and purchase of property
  • Construction and renovation projects
  • Leasing issues
  • Land use
  • Easements
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Contract creation and breach of contract disputes
  • Tax-free exchanges (1031 exchanges)
  • Real estate tax protests
  • Zoning issues
  • Foreclosures and eminent domain matters
  • Financing

Work With Knowledgeable Real Estate Professionals

Our goal is to avoid any delays in the closing process. We will manage your real estate case from start to finish. We offer convenient closing times before and after office hours as well as on weekends, lender permitting.

Contact us by email or call us at 239-513-2324 to schedule your consultation.