Adults may qualify for long-term health care benefits through the Medicaid program after they reach age 65, including treatment in a nursing home setting as well as home care. In addition, regular Medicaid covers standard medical expenses for seniors. However, Florida maintains strict income limits for senior Medicaid eligibility.

If one or both of your parents needs ongoing medical care, explore the income limits that prevent many older adults who live in the state from accessing Medicaid.

2020 Florida income limits

To qualify for different types of Florida Medicaid, your parent must earn less than:

  • $2,349 a month for institutional and home-based Medicaid for one adult
  • $961 a month for regular Medicaid, which provides care for the aged, disabled and blind population for a single adult
  • $1,261 a month for regular Medicaid for a married adult

The nursing and home care limits for single adults double for married adults. The state considers income from all sources, including stock dividends, withdrawals from your retirement fund, Social Security benefits, payments from a pension fund, spousal support and employment.

2020 Florida asset limits

In addition to income, the state will review the value of your parent’s assets to determine Medicaid eligibility. Current asset limits are as follows:

  • $2,000 for nursing home or long-term home care for a single or married adult applying alone
  • $3,000 for nursing home or long-term home care for spouses applying together
  • $5,000 for regular Medicaid for a single adult
  • $6,000 for regular Medicaid for a married adult

Beyond these limits, when a married person applies for long-term home or facility care alone, Florida law limits the spouse who is not applying to $128,640 in assets.

Because of these strict Florida Medicaid eligibility caps, many older adults who expect to need long-term care spend down their assets so they can qualify. Careful planning can help your family illuminate a path forward when it comes to funding medical services for elderly loved ones.